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Bisexuality Is Magic


The Fencesitter’s Spellbook

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Bisexuality Is Magic

“Is bisexuality magic? Marcus thinks so, but the bisexual activist has a problem. It’s the dress-rehearsal of his new project and not everything is going to plan.

Is his rope routine going to tie him up in knots?
Will his director really let him saw someone’s gender stereotypes in half?
And can supporting act Magenta Surprise pull off their interpretive dance tribute to the bisexual flag in time?
It’s one day to opening night. What could possibly go wrong?”

Set during the dress rehearsal of a show called “Bisexuality Isn’t Magic”, beleaguered activist-magician Marcus battles with his interfering director as much as with stereotypes about bisexuality. Follow his struggles to put together the show he wants to deliver: an amazing but somehow educational spectacular about his pet subject – bisexuality.

Although set in a dress rehearsal with an invited audience, the members of the audience invited onto the stage to participate in the magic tricks are genuine members of the public and not actors.

The performance lasts 1 hour 45 minutes plus interval.

The Fencesitter’s Spellbook

What are the five things you can’t say to bisexuals this month? How do you describe your sexuality using a piece of string? And how can you come out of a closet with a revolving door?

The Fencesitter’s Spellbook explores the magical world of the mysterious bisexual, simultaneously everyone but no-one. Performed by the UK’s only ‘bisexual activist magician’, this is a comedy show that may well teach you a valuable lesson *.

*Lesson may vary

The performance lasts 45 minutes with no interval.

More about the team:

Creator and Performer: Marcus Morgan, really is a bisexual activist and a magician. He’s been active in the UK bisexual community for over 20 years and has appeared on TV, radio, and in the papers championing bisexual issues. In the last year he’s appeared at Exeter Pride, Coventry Pride, London LGBT Pride, at BiCon in Leeds, and at CaBiRet in London, performing excerpts from “Bisexuality Is Magic” and “The Fencesitter’s Spellbook”.

Director, Bisexuality is Magic: Paul Longhurst has worked in the arts for over 35 years. As a musician and composer, Paul has written music for films (The Last Time – Tooskha Productions) TV shows (Filming 24 – Live TV) and many theatre productions. As actor he has worked all across the UK and the UAE. As a theatre director, Paul has won the odd award and directed 100s of theatre pieces. Paul is a full time magician now and is proud to bring his experience and passion this project.