Prospero Acronym is a magician on a mission, to make mockery of taboos and untangle sexuality. Never seen someone pull a sexual identity out of a jar of marmite? You don’t know what you’ve been missing!

“Wonderful” – Jeff McBride “Genuinely Unique” – Genii Online

The host of Cabaret Beneath, graduate of the acclaimed ‘Art of Drag’ academy, star of “Fencesitter” the 5-star hit of the Camden Fringe, regular performer at Prides in London, Coventry, and Romford. Appearances too at LGBT Prides in Exeter, Crewe and the Isle Of Wight & Romford, as well as Magic at The Ritz, Queer As Jokes, Stand Up Magic, Pride’s Got Talent, Cabaret Nouveau, the Phoenix Club Cabaret Awards, Recon’s Fetish Comedy Night, Luscious Cabaret, Wotever’s Non Binary Cabaret, The Bi Life Show, Now That’s Magic, CaBiRet, and Dazzle!

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