The Shows That Could
Go Either Way

Bisexuality is Magic and The Fencesitter’s Spellbook are two shows by UK activist and magician Marcus Morgan

What is Bisexuality Is Magic? From the debut run in April 2018: “Activist Marcus wants to put on a show about bisexuality. But is everyone ready for him to reveal all? Is he ready himself? Will he really saw someone’s gender stereotypes in half? And can supporting act Magenta Surprise pull off their interpretive dance tribute to the bisexual flag? Tonight we join the dress rehearsal; the only rehearsal! What could possibly go wrong?”

What is The Fencesitter’s Spellbook? From the debut run in August 2018: “What are the five things you can’t say to bisexuals this month? How do you describe your sexuality using a piece of string? And how can you come out of a closet with a revolving door? The Fencesitter’s Spellbook explores the magical world of the mysterious bisexual, simultaneously everyone but no-one. This is a comedy show that may well teach you a valuable lesson (lesson may vary).”

Content notice: both shows deal with LGBT issues, adult sexuality, and contains descriptions of intolerance and biphobia. Although it contains no nudity, the language and themes are not suitable for those under 16.


  • Bisexuality is Magic is a full one-man stage play, and runs one and a half hours plus interval.
  • The Fencesitter’s Spellbook is a one-man festival comedy show, and is 45 minutes, no interval.

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a funny side to biphobia then you need to see these shows!

“Hilarious and surprisingly educational”

Upcoming Performances

August 11 - Islington

August 11 - Islington

5pm, King's Head Theatre

£12- £15

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More Soon!

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